Products by brunner

BRUNNER products such as tiled stoves and fireplaces, can be found in way over half a million households all over Europe. They provide our customers with warmth, concealment and this awesome feeling we all call "home". As a family-owned business we are proud of that. For more than 70 years now.

During that time BRUNNER has managed not only to re-invent itself over and over again, but also to boost a whole industry. This experience is crucial for us to provide the best service, the best quality and, most importantly, the best experience one can have. We live quality!

BRUNNER designs and manufactures it's products solely in Germany, while they are only to be sold by the finest and simply best craftsmen in Europe, who have the knowledge and experience to provide the service our customers deserve. That is why tiled stoves and fireplaces by BRUNNER are made for decades. Or a whole life.

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