Controls and security systems

Control and monitoring technology by BRUNNER
Imagine you're method of heating is wrong and you don't notice. By using BRUNNER's control and monitoring technology enjoying the pleasures of a atmospheric wood fire without any hustle becomes a reality. Our combustion control systems for example guarantee lower wood consumption without any heat loss, less soiling, better emissions and maximum operating comfort. The controls are exactly match the requirements of our devices and take all characteristics and possible interferences into account.
EOS Elektronische Ofensteuerung Header Brunner Freisteller

Electronic combustion control "EAS"

With the electronic combustion control "EAS" by BRUNNER, proper heating becomes child's play.
  • For fireplaces and storage furnaces
  • Simple handling thanks to self-explanatory information and operating unit
EAS Elektronische Abbrandsteuerung Brunner Freisteller

electronic stove control "EOS"

With the electronic stove control by BRUNNER, you can't make aby mistakes and wood heating is as simple and efficient as it gets.
  • For water-bearing tiled stoves and fireplaces
  • Intuitive handling thanks to self-explanatory information and operating unit
EOS Elektronische Ofensteuerung Brunner Freisteller

negative pressure safety control "USA"

BRUNNER's negative pressure safety control monitors and compare the pressure levels in your chimney and living area.
  • Turns ventilation systems off when pressure difference is no longer sufficient for safe operation of the furnace
  • Prevents heating gases from flowing into the living area if the ventilation system malfunctions
USA Unterdruck Sicherheitsabschalter Brunner Freisteller