Electronic combustion control "EAS" by BRUNNER

If you want it to be perfect, you should install the electronic combustion control "EAS" by BRUNNER. Just ignite, reload - let the control system do the rest. Result: perfect efficiency, since the "EAS" servomotor never forgets to correct or close the combustion air supply after a burn-off. A particularly convenient feature, in case your tiled stove or fireplace cannot be operated after the ignition; Either because you go to bed or leave the house.

EAS Elektronische Abbrandsteuerung Header Brunner Freisteller

  • Why you need the EAS
    • The EAS is a low-cost combustion air control system for fireplaces and storage furnaces.
    • It helps you to "heat" properly with wood as their is no factor, that is more important than proper air supply when operating a fireplace or tiled stove. Wrongly regulated combustion air can lead to unintended side effects such as sooted glass, unburned wood residues, low glowing time or outdoors odor pollution.
    • This can be largely avoided with BRUNNER's electronic cumbustion control "EAS". Simply place your firewood, ignite it and the entire combustion process will be regulated automatically.
    • No presence required, during the cumbustion process
  • Service
    • User-friendly and easy-to-understand interface with various graphic elements and symbols.
    • Touch display is located behind a robust glass front; available in black or white
    • Combined with further electronic system solutions by BRUNNER, the entire heat management of a building can be controlled and monitored centrally.
  • Safety
    • All components are monitored by the control system. This monitoring function is carried out by the internal data bus system.
    • Safety-relevant components, for example the door contact switch, are secured twice or equipped with additional sensors. The component works correctly only if both signals match.
    • This also applies to the servomotor of the combustion air damper.
    • "Emergency program" in the event of a power failure: An integrated battery provides the required power to ensure, that the combustion air flap can still be fully moved into the safety position. Thus, the existing heating gases can always emit through the chimney; No matter in which operating condition your tiled stove or fireplace might be.