Electronic stove control "EOS" by BRUNNER

If you want to install a waterbearing stove or fireplace we recommend the BRUNNER electronic stove control  "EOS". It not only regulates the optimal combustion of a water-bearing furnace. The electronic stove control fulfills all complex control requirements at the push of a button and is therefore ideally suited for all requirements of a modern heating system.

EOS Elektronische Ofensteuerung Header Brunner Freisteller

  • Why you need the EOS
    • With more than 100,000 units installed, the EOS has been one of the best-selling controls in tiled stove and fireplace construction since its introduction in 1991. All BRUNNER furnaces can be equipped or even retrofitted with the furnace control at any time..
    • Typical applications for the EOS are water-bearing tiled stove and fireplace systems.
    • Apart from placing and lighting firewood , all operating steps are fully automate: The control unit regulates the air flap servomotor, which determines the amount of combustion air through a tightly closing flap. Via the control panel switch on the door, the control system recognizes the start of the burn-off and is able to optimally control it via of a sensor in the combustion chamber.
  • Service
    • The user interface, covered by a durable and elegant glass display, keeps you informed about the course of the combustion, the actual burn-off temperature and more. Wood heating has never been more efficient or simpler.
    • The graphic interface of the touch display has been developed into a self-explaining and convenient information and control unit during the years.
    • All BRUNNER electronic controls can be updated via USB-port on the touch display, easily and fast. This keeps your EOS always up-to-date.
    • The glass front touch display is available in white or black.
  • Safety
    • Unique in safety: All components are constantly checked for malfunctions. For this purpose, double secured contact-type switches are installed, in case one fails.
    • When malfunctions occur a 9V battery provies the furnace to be brought back to it's original position, so it can be operated manually again