cooking and baking accessories by brunner

Fish or meat, pizza or vegetables? Taste differ from person to person. But there is one thing, they all have in common: Their wish for high-quality, convenient and visually appealing kitchen accessories. BRUNNER fulfills that wish, with excellent products, that fit all customer's needs.
Grillen und Backen Zubehör Header Brunner Siegel Freisteller


  • fire igloo accessories
    pizza oven set
    Consisting of two shovels and one cleaning slider

    Pizzaofenset Feueriglu Brunner Freisteller
    For Determining Upper and lower heat
    Zeigerthermometer Feueriglu Brunner Freisteller
  • Fire grill
    Fire griller 24/30
    Made of 2mm premium steel, specfically designed for closed combustion chambers of tiled stoves or fireplaces.

    Feuergrill 24-30 Kochen Backen Zubehör Brunner Freisteller
    fire griller 42/30
    A broader version of the standard fire griller.

    Feuergrill 42-30 Kochen Backen Zubehör Brunner Freisteller
  • Grill drive
    grill drive single
    For open fireplaces on terraces or in gardens.
    Grillantrieb 1er Brunner Freisteller
    Triple version of the standard grilling motor.

    Grillantrieb 3er Brunner Freisteller
    Perfect for bigger chunks of meat.
    Grillspiess Brunner Freisteller