Increase the use of regenerative energy sources and in the same time reduce fossile ones: That's what a lot of families and people would wish for, if they could choose their heating system accordingly. Guess what, with BRUNNER they can. More specifically with the BRUNNER heating center "BHZ", which turns your central heating into an intelligent system.
It consists of just the heating center itself plus the storage facility. Combined they are a small and practical unit, which combines all energy producing and energy using facilities and turns everything into a smart and exciting package. Easy and quick to set up, without the danger to get anything wrong. And the best part: it can be extended even after it has been installed. The future of heating.
BHZ Brunner Heizzentrale Header Siegel Freisteller
  • The idea behind the "BHZ" by BRUNNER was to develop one of the most efficient and most convenient heating center which controls all components of a modern heating system. The result is a intelligent device, which manages to combine all sorts of energy producers and at the same times is able to put them under a customizable hierarchy.

    • Modular, clean and compact
    • "Ready to connect" to all sorts of components
    • Guarantueed functionality: hydraulic Malfunctions are not possible
    • Ready for the future: changeable and extendable at all times

  • The Paneling
  • Connection of a heat pump
  • Modular construction
  • Heating Extension